Abra Cadabra Drops Off Huge Banger With “On Deck”


Abra Cadabra deserves mention when speaking on the evolution of UK Drill. Though he emerged at the height of road rap, “Robbery” is one of an early example of the drill sound in the UK having a widespread reach beyond its regional confines. There was a point where he was relatively quiet but ever since the beginning of 2020, he’s been on a rampant run.

The rapper returned this morning with his latest single, “On Deck.” With a menacing instrumental backing up, equipped with haunting vocal samples, Abra Cadabra claims king of North and East London with his ominously deep voice and thunderous ad-libs. Following the release of the “Cadabra Freestyle,” Abra Cadabra proves that he can’t miss. Hopefully an album follows soon.

Peep the single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Any violation straight (Bap, bap) ’cause he’s asking for it
You just turned bad now, you’re an eediat
All of us drillers, you best believe that
Tek away your gyal ’cause she the baddest

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