Gist: Essential voting info


Who is allowed to vote? You have to be: • A Nigerian citizen. • Aged 18 years and above. • You have to be registered in the
constituency where you intend to vote. • You have to possess a registration card
obtained during voters’ registration. Who is not allowed to vote: • All persons below the age of 18 years. • All non-Nigerians. • All persons who did not register as voters. • All persons who do not hold a voter
registration card. • All persons whose names are not in the
voters register. Where do you vote? • Voting takes place at polling stations/units. • A voter is expected to cast his vote at the
polling unit where his name is on the voter
register. • A voter is expected to identify his polling
station where his name is on the voter
register. • A polling unit nearest to the residence of the
voter. Information via the Independent National
Electoral Commission.

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