Ice Prince Interview


The Afro Beats artist Ice Prince or going by his
real name Panshak Zamani, you couldn’t really
say has had it all his own way. Starting as a
musician in 2004, the Nigeria born artist only
released his debut album last year to which he
has received many plaudits for. With D’banj tasting top ten success in the UK, Ice Prince hopes
to follow suit very soon. talk to Ice
Prince about his love of the UK after performing
at this years Hackney Weekend festival. 1. Hi Ice Prince welcome back to the UK. What
have you been up to since you was last featured
on Ice Prince: I’ve been travelling a lot, performing
all over Africa, I’ve been recording in the studio
as well doing collaborations with other artists
and getting news of award nominations. I’ve
been tweeting as well!!! 2. How excited was you performing at the
Hackney Weekend? Ice Prince: I was totally excited. It was a big
honour to have Afro Beats music represented at
the Hackney Big Weekend. I think it’s a very big
platform for African music and the whole Afro
Beat movement. I’m honoured to have been a
part of it. 3. Who was you most looking forward to see
preform? Ice Prince: Urrrm! Myself (laughs) because it was
the 1st time I was playing on that sort of stage.
Nas was really good. I watched him in 2010 at
The Rock The Bells concert in New York it was
totally awesome and I wanted to see him again.
Thank God for this opportunity to watch him again. 4. It’s been a big year for Nigerian Afro Beats,
D’banj & Wizkid have both signed to major
labels. What’s up with the girls? Ice Prince: The ladies are doing their thing
they’re really coming up fast big shout out to
women like Twia Savage & Becca it’s only a
matter of time until people start to pay attention
to the females. 5. What other countries in Africa do you believe
produces the best Afro Beats music? Ice Prince: It’s all over Africa. When you go to
South Africa, you get a different vibe and a
different sound. The music is awesome the
people are loving it. When you go to Botswana,
it’s a different ball game. The people out there
love Afro Beat Hip Hop so much. When you go to Sierra Leone it’s different, when you go to
Nigeria it’s different….It’s all pretty exciting! 6. Tell us a little about your new track
‘Magician’ which features Reggae artist Gyptian
– How did the collaboration come about? Ice Prince: It was put together by a company
called Spinlet, an online media store. Basically
what they do is try to put African music on the
map. My album came out last October and I have
a track on the album called Magician with a very
reggae influenced vibe. They thought it would be good to have a Jamaican artist jump on it. They
contacted Gyptian and me. I was supposed to go
over to Jamaica to the recording. I was looking
forward for that but then I was in South Africa at
the time so we couldn’t make it happen. I waited
for Gyptian to come over to Nigeria – he did a show in December called the Calabar Carnival.
When he came down we hooked up in Lagos,
went to the studio recorded the song, recorded
the video all in the space of 6-7 hours. 7. Are there any other artists you plan on
hooking up with or want to collaborate with? Ice Prince: Yeah definitely. One of my dreams is
to expand and make sure African music and Afro
Beats music is really on the map. I would like to
be a contribution to that success. I want to work
with artists like Chip, I’m a big fan of Chip right
now. Recently I worked with Donae’o, Mohombi & Sway. I’m recording with Skepta at the
moment and I’m also speaking to Tinchy & Lethal
B about a possible collaboration. 8. Can you Azonto? (Show me your Azonto) Ice Prince: I get asked that question everywhere
I go. I actually can’t Azonto ….lol 9. These next questions I want you to answer
them within 3 secs! This method has been used
to check whether someone is telling the truth
or not. a. Whats your real name? – Panshak Zamani b. What’s favourite Nigerian Dish? – Jollof Rice c. Football or Basketball? – Football d. Beyoncé or Kelly Rowland? – Beyoncé e. Wizkid or Ice Prince? – Ice Prince 10. When you come to London what do you like
doing? Ice Prince: I love going to West End & Nandos! 11. Do you play sports? Ice Prince: Pool 12. What is a typical day like in the life of Ice
Prince? Ice Prince: I wake up in the morning, brush my
teeth and have my bath then I’ll wait for my
manager to tell me what’s going on that day. If
there is not that much going on then I’ll go into
the studio (I have a home studio) to listen to stuff
I recorded the night before and I’ll see if I can work on something new. Come back to my
room, probably ask some girls to come over and
hang out with my boys. 13. What advice do you have for young people
that want to enter the music industry? Ice Prince: I always say one thing… Look at me
as an example. I don’t have the best education or
the best looks. Where I’m from in Nigeria is not
entertainment driven, it’s the northern part of
Nigeria and over there they hardly pay attention
to entertainment. I came out of that place to attain this level of success. I always say if I can
get here with all of these imperfections then no
one has the excuse to fail in life. 14. Finally what’s next for you? Ice Prince: Take the MOBO Awards!!! On a real
I’m recording right now there are more singles
to come out. The single Magician drops officially
in the UK in less than 2 months. It will be
available on iTunes and for people to share.
There are more music videos coming out, more concerts and tours coming your way. I’m doing
a tour in America from the 28th of July till
August. I will be in the states doing my thing. Interview by: Ponciano Junior

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