Le’Veon Bell & Jamal Adams Go At It On Twitter Following Seattle Trade


New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell has reacted to the team’s blockbuster trade of Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks, posting a string of vague tweets referencing the move. Later, Adams responded, leading to a back and forth on Twitter.

Jamal Adams, Le'Veon BellBryan M. Bennett / Getty Images

“Coo,” Bell began. “Ppl do all the hootin & hollerin to get you brought in, just to leave…lol like people weird yooo, the internet got these dudes doin whatever for attention, even when they tell you sh*t they don’t believe themselves.”

After being called out for a fan for being mad, Bell responded, “I’m not mad, I’m motivated.”

“Noted. See u Week 14!” Adams responded to Bell’s original tweet.

“‘Noted’ what?! lol that you LIED? PLEASEE TRUST that it IS ‘noted’ then..& if I’m supposed to take ‘see you in week 14’ as a threat…I don’t! but it’s still allll love and like I told you ON THE PHONE I want the best for you..if this is the best for you, I want it for you bro,” Bell said in response.

In exchange for Adams, Seattle is sending New York Bradley McDougald, a 1st-round pick in 2021, a 3rd-round pick in 2021, and a 1st-round pick in 2022.


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