Open Letter To Wizkid


Everyone saw the Twitfight between EME
Soldier, Skales….hahaha..scratch that, he aint no
more! Well the fight between skales and
Starboy, Wizkid…a certain fan of Skales has
dropped an open letter for Wizkid to digest. A lot of your fans have forgiven you for
releasing a mediocre “album”late last year but
we definitely will not close our eyes to your
dwindling career, NEVER! Since you got your
“freedom” from E.M.E, you have been dropping
“upcoming” materials; we have been downloading in good faith hoping
you’d improve but you’ve decided to stay
complacent. You have often been placed
alongside the likes of Olamide in terms of
consistency but all your consistent releases have
lacked quality. Instead you have chosen to concentrate more on endless social media fights
which apparently last longer than your songs
these days. Just
when we thought you had started lending a
listening ear to our counsel, you over-reacted to
a harmless tweet from your former label-mate; Skales. Haba Wizkid! He only said “you don’t
reply” or is there something we don’t know.
You could have simply replied like Casper
Nyovest without picking a fight. You also didn’t
have to rant about the fake chains & borrowing;
that’s so petty and childish, real niggas don’t do that. Contrary to your tweet that Skales chose to pick
a fight with you as a
PR stunt to promote his album dropping soon,
we think you’re the one in dire need of the PR
stunt to awaken your relevance as Skales has
proven what he can do in recent times by releasing hit (lingering) songs e.g Shake body. We implore you once again to return to your
drawing board (if you ever
had one) and make substantial plans. We are yet
to behold anything
tangible from “STARBOY”. Get a capable TEAM for
Christ’s sake; you can’t do without that in the industry. You need
them to think for you
and to control the quality of your music. We don’t care about your money AYO
BALOGUN, we care about your music.
Na fly wey no dey hear word go follow dead
body enter grave.

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