Pop Smoke’s “Enjoy Yourself” Remix With Burna Boy Challenges The Original


Upon the release of Pop Smoke‘s chart-topping posthumous album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, one of the sole complaints about the body of work was that it did not include the leaked version of “Enjoy Yourself,” then known as “Drink Freely (Serena),” with a featured appearance from Burna Boy. Instead, Colombian superstar Karol G was added to the track, helping it flow with the rest of the album. 

On Pop Smoke‘s birthday, Steven Victor and the rest of the late artist’s team decided to unleash the deluxe copy of the album, which included a total of fifteen new songs. One of them was the long-awaited original version of “Enjoy Yourself,” now marketed as the remix.

The Burna Boy version of the song is officially here, much to the pleasure of Pop’s fans worldwide. It includes the same first verse from the Brooklyn rapper, making way for Burna to jump in for the second verse, and keeping the hook uniform.

Listen to the remix below and let us know if you prefer it to the version with Karol G.

Quotable Lyrics:

She got a fat ass, shorty shaped like Serena
Long hair, brown eyes, shorty look like Selena
Shorty said that she was Puerto Rican
Her pussy wet like Katrina

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